What is MM2H?

Administration of Malaysia has dispatched the Malaysia My Second Home Program in 2002 to permit outsiders who meet the rules to remain in Malaysia for an extensive stretch of time.

Benefits of staying in Malaysia

Infinity Entry into Malaysia

Applicants are free to travel into Malaysia during the period. Applicants can renew the Visa upon maturity.

Exposure of Multi-Racial Culture

You can explore the uniqueness of festival celebration for every single race.

Low Medical Expenses

Malaysia medical is International Joint Commission Authorized and achieve a Global Top Medical standards. The medical expenses are lower compared to other country.

Affordable Education Resources

Students are Bi-language educated while the fees in international school is affordable.

Tax-free income

Tax free for overseas income remitted into Malaysia. The applicants are exempted to excise duty to purchase a new locally assemble vehicle and pre-owned private vehicle.

Applications for Maid

The applicants are allowed to apply for one maid with T&C applied.

Remain your nationality of your origin country

Applicants do not need to remove his/her nationality of origin country; it simply means that the applicants have more options of staying during the visa period.

Eligible Loan Amount for MM2H Applicants

MM2H Applicants can apply for a loan amount of 50% from Malaysia bank.


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