Frequently asked questions

1. I am 50 years old and I am not working right now, can I apply for MM2H?

Yes, you can still apply for MM2H with you retiree income as long as you are fulfilled with the financial requirement.

2. Before the Approval of MM2H Applications, do I need to apply for a Visa to visit Malaysia?

We will provide services for the visa application to visit Malaysia prior to your MM2H Approval.

3. Do I possess a working permit with MM2H Program?

No, the MM2H Applicant is not eligible to work in Malaysia, you can switch to a working visa permit if you wish to be employed in Malaysia. However, you are allowed to invest in a business in Malaysia.

4. After the approval of MM2H, how long do I need to stay in Malaysia?

You have to stay for a minimum of 90 days for 5 years.

5. Do I need to pay any tax in Malaysia.

The MM2H applicants will only need to pay the incomes taxes for the income from investments in local companies. Any income remitted abroad is not taxable.